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Bell Tree

Get the feeling of a rare acoustic instrument: record, playback, add reverb, delay and equalisation. Feel the faithful recreation of the sound, captured in detail on 16 bit / 44.1 kHz professional audio recordings.
Bell Tree, Lucas Tsolakian, Jason Michailidis, Unfrequency

Designed and developed by Jason Michailidis and Lucas Tsolakian
Recorded at Esoteron Music Studio
Recording engineer George Dovolos

Bell Tree is a faithful reproduction of a real acoustic instrument, known in Pakistan as Tree Bells and in China as Bell Tree. The instrument was found at a flea market in Athens, Greece. It was unbranded and had no fabrication details so it’s not possible to determine where or when it was made, but according to the seller it was brought to Greece from India.

The instrument was fully re-constructed, bringing to life the richness of the sound and the beauty of it’s wood cabinet. The AKG 414 Gold reference microphone was used at the studio recordings.
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